New pics

A few recent pics by Mario Hedroso at the headquarters:

foto por Mario Hedroso

foto por Mario Hedroso

foto por Mario Hedroso

Spanish Drummer Mafia performance

Here is an isolated video of the Spanish Drummer Mafia performance:

“Spanish Drummer Mafia is one of the most interesting projects I’ve been involved in, where 63 drummers made a display of creativity and style focusing on their own musicality. I had the pride of share it with profession mates I follow such as Jairo Ubiaño, Deivhook, Matt De Vallejo and other new inspiring discoveries”

More videos at Chus Maestro’s youtube channel

King Crimson drum cover

New drum cover of King Crimson’sThree Of A Perfect Pair“:

“It seems easy to play at first but demands a lot of left foot coordination for the opening/closing hi-hat pattern, which turns into a tricky displacement in the 7/8 chorus and the 6/8 solo”

More videos at Chus Maestro’s youtube channel

“The Crime of our Time” studio report

New video tracking drums for Agresiva‘s second album “The Crime of our Time” at New Life studios in Madrid, february 2014.

More videos at Chus Maestro’s youtube channel

HYBRID drum playthrough

New video playing HYBRID‘s “Enter The Void”, written for the album “Angst” (2013)

More videos at Chus Maestro’s youtube channel

New album with Agresiva

Today is the official release date of “The Crime of Our Time” by Agresiva, the last album Chus Maestro has been working on, which was recorded at New Life studios (Gauntlet, Santelmo) in Madrid under the guidance of producers José Garrido and Daniel Melián, and has been mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox studios (Nightwish, Children of Bodom) in Finland. There’s a full streaming preview of the album here.

Chus Maestro in Spanish Drummer Mafia

Spanish Drummer Mafia is an innovative and unique project featuring 60 spanish drummers joined under only one rule: to play along the same 20 seconds bass loop with free style. The result is a 20 minute video where the creativity, personality and style of each artist makes clear beyond their experience, recognition or technique, bringing back the true essence of the art to a field becoming more and more industrialized.

Chus had the privilege of taking part of the video, you can check out his contribution at 18:45

Triosphere audition

Chus Maestro playing “Driven” by Triosphere:

This video was my audition for the norwegian band Triosphere; they were looking for a new drummer to cover their shows promoting the upcoming new album and the trial consisted of playing their song “Driven”. They finally picked a local musician, but it was a good chance to study a rhythmically complex and well written song.

Check out more videos at Chus Maestro’s youtube channel

Drum clinic on april

Chus Maestro have been invited to take part in the third edition of Rock & Metal Encounter at the University of Jaén to teach a drum master class on April.

He will be playing songs from the bands he has played with and will bring some introductory basic notions of the rhythm language with accent/coordination/independence exercises, as well as different applications of the double kick technique.

The Rock and Metal Encounter is a cultural event which gathered in its editions a bunch of interesting conferences about music by writers, musicians and journalists. They will be announcing the whole schedule of conferences these next weeks.


Chus Maestro to record new album with Agresiva

Chus Maestro will enter the studio to record Agresiva’s sophomore album “The Crime Of Our Time” next february 4th at New Life studios in Madrid.

The track-list will be:

01- Our Time Has Come
02- Pounding United
03- One Chance
04- Nightmarish
05- Ecstasy And Lust
06- Cloud Of Smoke
07- Darkstrider
08- Chronophobia
09- A Man Of Tomorrow
10- Remorse Remains