Playing live with Aegri Somnia

This month I begin my collaboration as a live percussionist with Aegri Somnia, a neofolk act from Madrid formed by musicians from As Light Dies and Autumnal  which edited their debut album last year.

In “Ad augusta per angusta” they adapt iberian traditional oral songs merged with some modern music like black metal and darkwave, giving birth an obscure projection of the popular folklore where traditional percussion is mixed with gloomy guitar arpeggios and dramatic chants about the dark past of Spain.

Aegri Somnia

The next show will be on december 5th at sala Siroco (C/San Dimas 3) in Madrid from 20:30 with the folk bands Keltika Hispanna and Ursaria.

Percussion performance with Megara

Last month I’ve been invited to play with the band Megara in a percussion ensemble during the live premiere of their new album at Teatro Barceló (Madrid). Here are some takes from the rehearsals and the live show (Alice in Wonderland-oriented) with their drummer Pol DQ and Raquel (drummer of Broken Lingerine).

More videos at Chus Maestro’s youtube channel

Bloodhunter mini-tour

New dates of the upcoming Bloodhunter mini-tour around Spain supporting Nightrage and Methedras:

  • December 17th @ We Rock (Madrid)
  • December 18th @ Master (Vigo)
  • December 19th @ Stage Live (Bilbao)
  • December 20th @ Utopía (Zaragoza)

New shows with Bloodhunter

First shows along death metal band Bloodhunter in their “Bloody Tour 2015” as a fill-in for the drummer Iván Guillén:

  • 25 de julio en Viseu Rock Fest (Portugal)
  • 1 de agosto en Ruedas de Metal Fest (Barcelona)
  • Their debut album “Bring Me Horror” was featured in several best-of 2014 lists standing out thanks to a powerful female voice:

    New dates will be announced soon.

    Agresiva continues its spanish tour

    Agresiva continue presenting their debut album “Eternal Foe” throughout the Spanish geography with Chus Maestro on drums. These are the latest tour dates:

    20-04-2013: Silent Steel Fest, Factoria del So, Palma de Mallorca.
    26-04-2013: WILD + AGRESIVA + SOFIRE + WILD FREEDOM, Sala Ovella Negra, Barcelona.
    27-04-2013: WILD + AGRESIVA + SOFIRE + DEVIL WIND, Sala Orfes del Rock And Roll, Reus.
    11-05-2013: AGRESIVA + VX, Sala Paberse Matao, Sedaví, Valencia.
    18-05-2013: SHERATÁN + AGRESIVA + EMBLOODYMENT, Sala Excalibur, Madrid.
    07-06-2013: AGRESIVA + BPC, Nave La Cueva, Palencia.
    08-06-2013: SHERATÁN + AGRESIVA, Cáceres.
    27-07-2013: XII Skulls Of Metal, Campo de Fútbol “Las Escuelas”, Jaén.

    New live dates with Agresiva

    Upcoming confirmed shows with Agresiva:

    • jan 26th Madrid: Agresiva + Farland
    • may 11th Valencia: Agresiva + VX
    • july 27th Jaén: XII Skulls Of Metal
    More info in the shows section.

    Agresiva present “Eternal Foe” in Badajoz

    AGRESIVA continues the tour to promote their debut album “Eternal Foe” and the next live show will be on December 1st (sat.) at “Sala Metalarium” (Badajoz)  with Wild and Tubarâo.

    More info here

    Agresiva will be playing at “Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival”

    Agresiva have been confirmed for the next edition of the Heavy Metal Maniacs festival to be held on 26 and 27 October in Hoor (Netherlands).

    More info:

    Official presentation of “Eternal Foe” in Madrid

    Agresiva will be officially presenting their debut album “Eternal Foe” at Ritmo & Compas on November 10th.

    They’ll have the collaboration of many guest artists and will premiere “Hell Town” videoclip, filmed for the namesake track included in their work “Eternal Foe”.

    Agresiva: upcoming shows

    Upcoming live shows confirmed with Agresiva:

    • october 6th 2012 in Basauri
    • december 1st 2012 in Badajoz
    • july 27th 2013in Jaén (XII Skulls of Metal festival)

    More info on the shows. section



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