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Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a traditional martial art from Thailand I’ve been obsessed with since I was a kid, when I stayed awake some nights watching fights on TV.

Later on appeared some fictional pop icons who kept the flame alive, both in movies I loved like Kickboxer, Bloodsport or Ong-Bak, and video games I played to death such as Street Fighter (with Sagat and Adon) or Fatal Fury (Joe Higashi).

5 Years ago I decided to take the first step training weekly to go deeper into this martial art and its traditional philosophy. And after a gradual progress and thanks to my teachers’ training and trust put on me, I’ve been recently given the opportunity to share my knowledge of Muay Thai as a teacher with new fighters, while I continue training and learning.

Here is a video of the first months of classes with some students:


Into The Wild

When I’m not surrounded by drums, I can be found surrounded by sharks or exotic animals in remote jungles; one of my hobbies is to get lost with my camera within faraway wilderness and photograph fellas that come up to greet me.



Komodo Dragon


During 2018 I went all over South USA (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas), The Bahamas, Philippines and Indonesia. I’m uploading some pictures in Flickr.

Mamá Ladilla audition

New video of the audition with the spanish cult band Mamá Ladilla:

More videos at Chus Maestro’s youtube channel

The benefits of drumming

A drum kit is made up of a mix of percussion elements and that’s why is one of the preferred instrument of musicians given its attractive range of sounds. The learning process is pretty intuitive and also encourages some abilities really useful in the daily life, both physical (phychomotor, coordination, independence) and mental (memory, agility, reasoning), increasing cognitive and cardiovascular efficiency.

foto noticia







Some notable benefits of learning and playing drums:


- Encourages musical performance as a vehicle for emotional expression, helping the student to develop his own sensibility and artistic voice.

- Trains the musical ear, which result in an improvement of the attention, concentration and memory abilities.

- Favors self-esteem and confidence through the quick achievements of the rhythmic learning and its performance

- Strengthens discipline and responsibility because the study rutines.

- Motivates social interaction through music bands, promoting at the same time respect, tolerance and commitment towards the other musicians.

- Develops reasoning and comprehension skills due to the work on sheet music and songs rhythmic analysis

- Stimulates the production of endorphins which provide wellness, decreasing the stress levels via physical activity (cardiovascular exercise)


Chus Maestro © 2015


Some recent videos from Chus’ students shot during their classes. “Through hours of studying and practicing different techniques, the most amusing way to implement it is to learn and perform a drum cover putting everything together and giving some musicality to the notes. It’s also a good exercise to improve the sense of timing and the aesthetics of the performance”

Raúl Fossas

“Raúl Fossas have been playing drums for a year now, we began from the scratch but thanks to his addiction and determination he is improving relentless”


Álvaro Velasco

“Álvaro Velasco nailing Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69″ after many hours of analysis and transcription. He’s a good example of motivation and discipline!”


Clara Bustos

“This video is an epilogue of the time Clara Bustos spent studying bass drum techniques in our classes”


Javi Gordillo

“Javi Gordillo is definitely one of my best students, an example of discipline and perseverance who lead him to be endorsed by prestigious DW Drums and become a recognized drummer of the heavy metal band Wild


Check out more videos of Chus’ students here



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