Candiria drum cover

New video playing along “Constant Velocity is as Natural as Being at Rest” by Candiria, a NY fusion ground-breaking band which blends hip-hop, metal, jazz and ambient in a unique way:

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Students II

I’ve been gathering some student’s videos where they implement many of the techniques learned in our classes at the service of their songs. Checking their progress and musical dedication gives me satisfaction as a teacher

Álvaro Velasco (Soda Pop)
Adrián Rodriguez (This Thing Called Life)
Eva López (Octopus Garden)
Javier Suárez (The Revenge Of The Hannya)
Nacho Gómez (Delito Y Medio)
Beatriz Martín (Melibea)
Javi Gordillo (Wild)
David Vaquero (Omission)
Juan Jaramillo (Wild)
José Carrasco (Silent Havoc)
Javier Rodriguez (Kuturlat & Primigenium)
Iván Vaquero (Mesodesma & Sabbath Rules)


Spanish Drummer Mafia performance

Here is an isolated video of the Spanish Drummer Mafia performance:

“Spanish Drummer Mafia is one of the most interesting projects I’ve been involved in, where 63 drummers made a display of creativity and style focusing on their own musicality. I had the pride of share it with profession mates I follow such as Jairo Ubiaño, Deivhook, Matt De Vallejo and other new inspiring discoveries”

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King Crimson drum cover

New drum cover of King Crimson’sThree Of A Perfect Pair“:

“It seems easy to play at first but demands a lot of left foot coordination for the opening/closing hi-hat pattern, which turns into a tricky displacement in the 7/8 chorus and the 6/8 solo”

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“The Crime of our Time” studio report

New video tracking drums for Agresiva‘s second album “The Crime of our Time” at New Life studios in Madrid, february 2014.

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HYBRID drum playthrough

New video playing HYBRID‘s “Enter The Void”, written for the album “Angst” (2013)

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Chus Maestro in Spanish Drummer Mafia

Spanish Drummer Mafia is an innovative and unique project featuring 60 spanish drummers joined under only one rule: to play along the same 20 seconds bass loop with free style. The result is a 20 minute video where the creativity, personality and style of each artist makes clear beyond their experience, recognition or technique, bringing back the true essence of the art to a field becoming more and more industrialized.

Chus had the privilege of taking part of the video, you can check out his contribution at 18:45

Triosphere audition

Chus Maestro playing “Driven” by Triosphere:

This video was my audition for the norwegian band Triosphere; they were looking for a new drummer to cover their shows promoting the upcoming new album and the trial consisted of playing their song “Driven”. They finally picked a local musician, but it was a good chance to study a rhythmically complex and well written song.

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Fear Factory drum cover

Chus Maestro has recorded a new drum cover playing “Act Of God” by Fear Factory:

“I’ve learnt all my double bass technique from Fear Factory and I always liked the patterns Raymond Herrera used in this song, so I decided to record a drum cover as an homage to him for all the inspiration.”Act of God” challenged me to begin Raymond’s trademarked machine gun double-kick bursts with my left foot while playing the pre-verse like this: RLRLR LRLRL RLR”


Bad Brains “Jah Love” drum cover

Chus Maestro jamming some reggae beats on a dub remix by Bad Brains:

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