Der Doppelgänger

Der Doppelgänger is a Twin Peaks tribute project formed in 2017 with Óscar Martín, multi-instrumentalist and fellow musician in other bands such as Hybrid, As Light Dies and Aegri Somnia.

“Owls are not what they seem” was released on october 1st and is based upon the soundtrack composed by Angelo Badalementi for the series, deconstructed and re-arranged as an extradimensional journey.

Recorded, mixed & mastered by NHT at Kadath Sound (Madrid) between 2018-2019.

Produced by NHT & Chus Maestro
Artwork by Chus Maestro

Chus Maestro // drums and percussion
NHT // guitars, bass, keyboards, choirs, violin & accordion
Cristina R. Galván // voice



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