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Just having fun stuffed inside a dinosaur costume practicing ambidextrousness.

John Stanier from Helmet has an unique style and sound which was the reason to play this tune. The main rhythm may seem simple and mechanic but is groovy and fits perfectly with the song. Pay attention to the last rhythm variations for that 6/4 riff.

Behold the first T-Rex drum cover of youtube!


More videos at Chus Maestro’s youtube channel

Percussion performance with Megara

Last month I’ve been invited to play with the band Megara in a percussion ensemble during the live premiere of their new album at Teatro Barceló (Madrid). Here are some takes from the rehearsals and the live show (Alice in Wonderland-oriented) with their drummer Pol DQ and Raquel (drummer of Broken Lingerine).

More videos at Chus Maestro’s youtube channel