Aegri Somnia is a neofolk band from Madrid made up of members of As Light Dies and Autumnal that adapts songs from the Iberian oral tradition in an avant-garde way with other modern music such as black metal or darkwave, resulting in a dark projection of popular folklore where the traditional percussion mixes with gloomy guitar arpeggios and dramatic poetic songs about The Black Spain.

In 2018 I began to collaborate with them as a live percussionist, playing traditional instruments such as the square tambourine, the tambourine, timpani and shells, as well as taking care of the background vocals. An enriching experience that led me to delve into a new style and have to learn to play other instruments, techniques and patterns outside the drums.

We played 4 concerts, but the pandemic wiped out the band’s future plans, which included some very interesting folk festivals and a future album, of which we recorded this preview:

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