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All ages and skill levels

Private online lessons for students of all ages and skill levels, no matter if you want to start out or just looking for improving and increasing your technique, all you need is an electronic or acoustic drum kit and a camcorder.

The methodology is based on a wide collection of themes conformed to the skills and requirements of the student, beginning with the necessary knowledge base to continue moving forward for going in depth into the study of different technics and styles in a progressive and enjoyable way.

TOPICS: snare technique, dynamics, accenting, coordination, independence, correct posture, tuning, double kick drum technique (resistance, speed, bursts), reading and writing drum notation, odd-meter patterns, poly-rhythms, fills and breaks, composition and arrangements, improvisation, advices for recordings and concerts…

Drum method books like Stick Control will be also used as well as other books from internationally-acclaimed drummers such as Benny Greb, Jim Chapin, Rick Latham, Gary Chaffee, George Kolias, Thomas Lang y Jojo Mayer among others.

GOALS: creativity development, independence and coordination, techniques for increasing control, stroke and speed, developing groove…

STYLES: rock, metal, funk, pop, blues, punk, hardcore, jazz, latin, ska, reggae, drum & bass…

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If you are interested in the on-line drum lessons or would like to receive more info about it, you can send an email through the contact section of this website.

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