Agresiva continues its spanish tour

Agresiva continue presenting their debut album “Eternal Foe” throughout the Spanish geography with Chus Maestro on drums. These are the latest tour dates:

20-04-2013: Silent Steel Fest, Factoria del So, Palma de Mallorca.
26-04-2013: WILD + AGRESIVA + SOFIRE + WILD FREEDOM, Sala Ovella Negra, Barcelona.
27-04-2013: WILD + AGRESIVA + SOFIRE + DEVIL WIND, Sala Orfes del Rock And Roll, Reus.
11-05-2013: AGRESIVA + VX, Sala Paberse Matao, Sedaví, Valencia.
18-05-2013: SHERATÁN + AGRESIVA + EMBLOODYMENT, Sala Excalibur, Madrid.
07-06-2013: AGRESIVA + BPC, Nave La Cueva, Palencia.
08-06-2013: SHERATÁN + AGRESIVA, Cáceres.
27-07-2013: XII Skulls Of Metal, Campo de Fútbol “Las Escuelas”, Jaén.

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