Muay Thai is a traditional martial art from Thailand that has survived over the years becoming the most complete contact sport of our days thanks to its number of techniques and variety of strikes.

Its aesthetics and philosophy captivated me since I was a child and I’ve been practicing this sport for 9 years now (when I’m not with drumsticks in my hands).

3 years ago I was offered to run my own school as a coach, which I named Khaosok (Khao = knee, Sok = elbow) in Thai, in honor of the two star strikes that differentiate this fighting style from other similar ones such as Kickboxing, K1 or Full Contact.

We have been training non-stop for 3 seasons with that addictive mix of cardiovascular activity and power work that favors multiple benefits:

physical: strength, agility, flexibility, resistance, reflexes and coordination

mental: self-control, confidence, self-improvement and determination

social: respect, discipline, camaraderie and empathy

I encourage you to visit us, you are invited to try some training!

We are at  Gaudem Gym (C/ Playa de Barlovento 14, Barajas).

You can follow us on instagram: @khaosok_boxing

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