The benefits of drumming

A drum kit is made up of a mix of percussion elements and that’s why is one of the preferred instrument of musicians given its attractive range of sounds. The learning process is pretty intuitive and also encourages some abilities really useful in the daily life, both physical (phychomotor, coordination, independence) and mental (memory, agility, reasoning), increasing cognitive and cardiovascular efficiency.

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Some notable benefits of learning and playing drums:


– Encourages musical performance as a vehicle for emotional expression, helping the student to develop his own sensibility and artistic voice.

– Trains the musical ear, which result in an improvement of the attention, concentration and memory abilities.

– Favors self-esteem and confidence through the quick achievements of the rhythmic learning and its performance

– Strengthens discipline and responsibility because the study rutines.

– Motivates social interaction through music bands, promoting at the same time respect, tolerance and commitment towards the other musicians.

– Develops reasoning and comprehension skills due to the work on sheet music and songs rhythmic analysis

– Stimulates the production of endorphins which provide wellness, decreasing the stress levels via physical activity (cardiovascular exercise)


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