It may sound opportunistic, but it was a coincidence that Sepultura announced their break-up after a 40-year career while I was working on this cover. Even though I lost interest in them after “Roots” (1996), when Max Cavalera left the band.

But “Chaos A.D.” (1993) was the album that marked a milestone for me when I was a teenager: it was love at first listen and I literally burned the cassette in my walkman (I also stiched a big back patch of the cover in my denim jacket as an honorable mention) I remember the first time I listened to “Propaganda” completely blown away by the double kick attack, thinking that it was the heaviest song in the universe.

To this day it is still a masterpiece and a game changer album that brought a refreshing groovy sound which paved the way for the next generation of metal and hardcore bands.

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