Some recent videos from Chus’ students shot during their classes. “Through hours of studying and practicing different techniques, the most amusing way to implement it is to learn and perform a drum cover putting everything together and giving some musicality to the notes. It’s also a good exercise to improve the sense of timing and the aesthetics of the performance”

Raúl Fossas

“Raúl Fossas have been playing drums for a year now, we began from the scratch but thanks to his addiction and determination he is improving relentless”


Álvaro Velasco

“Álvaro Velasco nailing Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69” after many hours of analysis and transcription. He’s a good example of motivation and discipline!”


Clara Bustos

“This video is an epilogue of the time Clara Bustos spent studying bass drum techniques in our classes”


Javi Gordillo

“Javi Gordillo is definitely one of my best students, an example of discipline and perseverance who lead him to be endorsed by prestigious DW Drums and become a recognized drummer of the heavy metal band Wild


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