Students II

I’ve been gathering some student’s videos where they implement many of the techniques learned in our classes at the service of their songs. Checking their progress and musical dedication gives me satisfaction as a teacher

Álvaro Velasco (Soda Pop)
Adrián Rodriguez (This Thing Called Life)
Eva López (Octopus Garden)
Javier Suárez (The Revenge Of The Hannya)
Nacho Gómez (Delito Y Medio)
Beatriz Martín (Melibea)
Javi Gordillo (Wild)
David Vaquero (Omission)
Juan Jaramillo (Wild)
José Carrasco (Silent Havoc)
Javier Rodriguez (Kuturlat & Primigenium)
Iván Vaquero (Mesodesma & Sabbath Rules)


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