3 new videos / 3 different styles

I’ve been working recently on some techniques which I could apply by playing songs from different genres (almost opposed) boosting the contrast-based versatility. From the 70’s funk of The Bamboos full of nuances, rudiments and linear drumming rhythms…    …

More polyrhythms with Meshuggah

New drum cover playing an old groovy Meshuggah song from their 1994 EP “None”. The drum beats have an interesting progressive/fusion approach plus their signature polyrhythms:   More videos at Chus Maestro’s youtube channel


Just having fun stuffed inside a dinosaur costume practicing ambidextrousness. John Stanier from Helmet has an unique style and sound which was the reason to play this tune. The main rhythm may seem simple and mechanic but is groovy and…

Playing one-handed

A couple of months ago I broke a finger of my right hand and when the doctor wrapped my arm with paster I knew that I won´t be able to play for at least two months… But instead of feeling…

Playing with students

Two recent videos playing along with young and talented students: Alan Cohen (12 years old) fighting a duel in a reggaeton battle, because there comes a time in every drummer’s life when it’s necessary to face up to the reggaeton…


Here is an old recording –and the only existing evidence– of April. This was the very first song ever written by the band back in 1999. We wrote 9 songs and played a couple of gigs between 1999 and 2001….

New drum cover

Here is a new “old-fashioned” drum cover jamming to “Jerry was a race car driver” by Primus   More videos at Chus Maestro’s youtube channel

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